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Jessica Thompson is a 25 yr old fashion designer. Coming from a family of artists, she has been inspired to follow her passions and dreams in life. She remembers creating art and styling outfits from a young age working towards her dream of going to fashion school. 

After high school, she was accepted and attended Kent State Fashion Design &Fashion Merchandising program where she graduated in 3 years in December 2019. During her studies, she spent a semester studying fashion and sustainability classes among the industry titans, Florence Italy. She’s traveled throughout Europe experiencing museums, expos, meeting designers, artists, distributors, and merchants. While being abroad she has been inspired by the architecture, history, and culture. One main topic that piqued her interest was learning about the world of fashion and its role in pollution. Sustainability plays a major rule in the future of fashion and Jessica recognizes it. 

Her aspiration is to design and create a fashion brand whose main purpose is sustainable original designs. By giving recycled fabrics a new life in a one-of-a kind luxurious feel. The use of different fabrics, patterns, and colors Jessica will bring a breath of fresh air to her collection. Golden Hour, the name of her collection will consist of cropped jackets, opened back deep v neck dresses, wrapped tied skirt, etc. all with finishing and details that are inspired by her travels across the globe.


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